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How to Choose your Bathroom Heating

When I think of my ideal bathroom I’m thinking luxury spa hotel.  Think big fluffy towels, soft flattering lighting and most of all luxurious bathroom heating!  Whether your style is traditional claw-footed bath or state of the art wet room, you won’t want a cold, damp bathroom and soggy towels.


You can choose from many ways to heat your bathroom. If you’re looking for something a little different, more stylish or more functional you don’t have to opt for a standard white panel radiator.


Probably the most common form of bathroom heating, for those carrying out a bathroom refurbishment, is the heated towel rail or ladder radiator.  There are many different designs, sizes and colours to choose from.  These are great for keeping your towels dry and you can use them all year round if you opt for an electric or dual fuel version.  Bear in mind, though, that the heat output can be relatively low and the towels themselves may prevent some of the heat getting into the bathroom.  Consider also that coloured versions will give more heat than the same model in chrome.


Another option is under-floor heating, which gives an ambient heat, doesn’t clutter walls or harbour dust, is relatively easy to install and can be used with any floor covering.  Particularly recommended in wet rooms, this form of bathroom heating helps evaporate water from the floor, preventing damp and mould.  Use under-floor heating in combination with towel warmers for the best of both worlds.


Modern flat radiators or traditional style radiators are popular and provide good heat output.  They are available in a range of colours and often you can fit them with towel rails to provide a dual function.


Whatever style of bathroom heating you choose, check with your supplier that the heater will be suitable for the size of your bathroom.  Remember to take into account any potential sources of heat loss such as windows and external walls.



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  • Jacquelyn Thomas

    Ladder Radiater

    I never heard of ladder radiator before but it sounds so interesting. I really want to try this out in my bathroom because these days I am thinking of getting a remodeling and these innovative ideas of your will surely help. Thank You!

    • Sue Fullagar

      They are a great idea! It saves on space too! We have a big selection as you can see! If your thinking of remodelling and want even more ideas as we always say, pop in and have a look we have quite a few model bathrooms set up in our showroom so people can get an idea of what they would like. We also sell the furniture separately if needed if that is all you need! finance available.
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